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The power of images #photography


This picture of the two churches overlooking where I live will be recognised by people living in the town. It’s an iconic image even at night and one that can be seen miles away. When we see the churches we know we’re home. (more…)

Psychology: Psychopaths with influence

We like to think that we have freedom of thought, but we’re all influenced by the things we see and hear. Some years ago there was a popular movie about someone with multiple personalities. Diagnosis of multiple personality by psychiatrists in the US increased dramatically in the following year. Did the movie make them more aware of the condition or did they begin to see signs of multiple personality in all their patients? (more…)

Subliminal influence

Motor Show 158

Everything that we do in the presence of others has an influence on them. How can you have more of an influence? How can you talk to their inner self, their subconscious mind? Hypnotherapists do this by putting their clients in a trance, but it’s not really necessary to do that. Last week, I wrote about how to talk to your (inner) self to overcome problems and perhaps make yourself more confident. How can you talk to the inner self of others and have influence?


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