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How to influence people

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Everything we do tends to influence people, even the little things. The way we dress, our general appearance, our friendly manner, the kind of car we drive, the home we live in, the job we do and last, but not least, our personality. This is our persona and these days, we even have a online persona and a written persona. The way your CV is written, the way you write a letter and the way you write everything adds to your overall persona.


Subliminal influence

Motor Show 158

Everything that we do in the presence of others has an influence on them. How can you have more of an influence? How can you talk to their inner self, their subconscious mind? Hypnotherapists do this by putting their clients in a trance, but it’s not really necessary to do that. Last week, I wrote about how to talk to your (inner) self to overcome problems and perhaps make yourself more confident. How can you talk to the inner self of others and have influence?


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