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How to get a great promotional idea

A Guest blog by Fairy Dharawat

If you have read my posts until now, you must have noticed that I insist on doing something novel and imaginative for business. It is only through new, trendy and interesting promotional activities, that we can connect to a shopper. For a shopper to really get involved, they need to be engaged and entertained. I also mentioned that the activity need not be expensive. Now could this be possible? I say, yes. (more…)

The new shopper



A guest blog by Fairy Dharawat

To study what influences the shopper of today is difficult. This has a lot to do  with the many different categories of shoppers. Some categories are not even identified, but they exist in our world of retail. The wanderer shopper is one who has no need to come to the store, but comes rather for the feel of a community. The impulsive shopper is one who visits and buys products on a whim. (more…)

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