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Building bridges with China #opinion

This week Wolverhampton Wanderers announced a deal to show their matches on pay-to-view television in China. Is this a good idea? Well, Wolves new Chinese owner Jeff Shi must think so. Do I think it is a good idea? Well, I know many Chinese students at the University of Wolverhampton quickly become Wolves fans when they come to Wolverhampton, their halls of residence, Randall Lines, is close to the Molineux stadium. We have to start building bridges with China and with other nations. We can’t become isolationist.

building bridges


Thrifty Students

Money - Seeing the future

Many students are preparing for a new year at university or their first year. You have to look at student loans and money for course fees and living expenses if you’re a British student and even more if you’re an international student.  I’ve seen a lot of advice for students this week advising them to make use of overdrafts. I think student loans will be enough debt for most students.


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