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How to become a writer and photographer

a Whie Hart edit

How hard can it be?

It seems so much easier to become a writer or even a photographer these days. Most people have a computer and a digital camera and the internet provides numerous blogging sites and photo sharing sites. How hard can it be? You can even publish a novel on the internet as a eBook or even have it printed on demand. There are millions of people with blogs on WordPress and BlogSpot.


Psychology | Digital brainwashing


We tend to think of spies getting caught when we think about brain washing. The idea was to control the spy, change what they believed and turn them against their own country. The enemy in war is often demonised by governments and the media. They use brainwashing techniques to describe the ‘enemy’ calling them the ‘reds’ or the ‘yellow peril’ or worse. They portray the enemy as inhuman. The reality is quite different, so the spy is confused when he’s caught.


International Friends


Sunday afternoon photography

I took this photograph yesterday afternoon, we tend to go out on a Sunday because the roads are quiet; in theory. Yesterday, I got caught in a traffic jam and again trying to come back because of road works. I can share this information using my blogs and when I got back yesterday, I edited the photos and shared the best on Facebook with friends around the world. To make friends on an international scale you do have to find common interests. (more…)

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