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Finance Friday: Another Banking investigation?

Banks in the UK are still recovering, not only from the crash; but their own mistakes that were driven by greed. The Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) is set to recommend a full competition inquiry into the big four banks. (more…)

Investments | Zopa and ISAs



I’ve been with Zopa (Zone Of Possible Agreement) for two years now and have been getting a better interest rate than with any bank. The interest is taxable, but at over 6% is still better than the so called tax free ISA’s offered by banks. I have had late payers, but because I lend only £10 to each of my borrowers the risks are limited and I have had no one default. I mainly lend to people with good credit ratings of A* or A, but get more interest when I lend to the B market. The return is above inflation and so a real return.


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