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Christmas on a budget #thrifty #Christmas

It’s that time of year again when we try to keep Christmas within some kind of budget so we can afford our bills after Christmas. We buy presents that only last 5 minutes like horrible Christmas jumpers. We also buy food that gets thrown away. I’ll be looking for good value in the run up to Christmas and because I have been thrifty and frugal all year I can afford a few luxuries at Christmas!

Thrifty Christmas


UK Budget 2012 | Alternative ideas?


Vasectomy allowance

George Osborne makes his budget speech tomorrow and I think he should introduce a special tax allowance for men who have just had vasectomies. It makes sense! It would be a long term investment. Do you remember when people in the UK queued up to get married at this time of year so they would get a tax rebate? We could have men queuing to get vasectomies in March if there was a decent tax rebate as an incentive. Then a couple of years down the line there would be less demand for nursery school places, then less infant school places and it goes on and on! In 18 years would we need less universities? (more…)

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