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Left or right? #ramble

XMAS LIGHTS 2015 (125)

Welcome to another Sunday ramble, when I share my thoughts as I decide what to have for lunch. The official switch-on of the town’s Christmas lights was a cold and wet affair. The lights are bigger this year, but I understand some aren’t working. I’ll have a wander around town this week and photograph them. It is capturing history even though it might not be very important history. Not very much happens here for historians to record. (more…)

Defending disruption #life

When I was younger, going to the pub was a normal part of life. Even driving there and having a few drinks in a smoky atmosphere was quite normal. Pubs have started to close down, it’s now illegal to smoke in pubs and the normality of drinking alcoholic drinks is under attack. (more…)

Its not the end of the world #ramble

It’s Sunday morning and so I write about whatever is on my mind. Today, it’s the eclipse and the ‘blood red’ moon we have to look forward to tomorrow. I think I might have to sit in the garden for a couple of hours to get my photographs. It will be a bit chilly. What shall I wear? (more…)

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