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Loneliness … by Fairy Dharawat

Loneliness… by Fairy Dharawat

It is not all bad. All great people felt lonely at some point in their life and they have fought the feeling and came out stronger. Be it music, art, movies, you name it. Loneliness is a subject which has haunted the human mind since ages. Here is a look in to the word lonely and exploring the concept through a different lens – trees.


Natures way

Motor Show 217

Nature can be very dramatic, we do get violent storms; but nature tends to do things quite subtly. If it’s too hot, water evaporates cooling things down. If it’s too cold, water freezes giving out heat and stabilising temperatures. Yes, it gets a  little too hot sometimes, especially when we aren’t close to water and it gets too cold for comfort, but generally stabilises fairly close to freezing point, as water freezes and snow falls. Nature makes subtle adjustments, but there is lots of evidence, such as the polar ice caps melting, that suggests nature is struggling. Can we learn something from nature? Can we make subtle adjustments in our own lives, that will have a stabilising effect in the long term?


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