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Taking the shot #photography



I took this shot yesterday evening as the sun was starting to go down. The light was warm and the shot is reasonable good. Although the sun was bright, it wasn’t easy judging exactly how much light I had. There are a lot of dark areas in the frame. (more…)

Coping with poor light #photography


Landscape photography in winter is a challenge, it’s either cold or very cloudy. I took this shot on Sunday in very poor light but composed the shot quite well. Notice the diagonal lines and the way the trees in the middle ground contrast with the trees in the background. (more…)

The affect of colours #life

Colours do affect our moods and we associate different colours with different things. White is associated with purity, red is associated with excitement and black is seen as morbid and depressing. Bright colours are associated with fun and are favoured by children, yellow in particular. (more…)

Competition photos

I have taken this shot many times, but I wanted a shot for a competition and so waited for just the right light and went to take this shot about an hour before sunset. I was lucky that guy was there fishing! (more…)

Neodigital Art | Spring colours and light

Keyway 031

When I took this photo, I wasn’t exactly shooting into the sun, but it was over to the left and has given me some strange effects. You can see a pink circle in the middle right of the picture; you also get that effect when using a flash. The light isn’t reflecting off the trees very well either. (more…)

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