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Promote local #community

Promote local WEDNESBURY

I went out last night taking photos in the twilight. It can be a good time as the light is less harsh. I managed to photograph a couple of pubs and other businesses. Just putting photos on Facebook is helping to promote local business. It’s not just small businesses that I want to promote, though. (more…)

Things in common #photo-challenge

Wednesbury UK landscape

It is important to have things in common. Common parents make a family. In a community, we need to have commonality to make the community like a family. We need familiarity with common landmarks, we need common institutions and a common culture. Even a common dialect aids community cohesion. The churches in this photos are a common community landmark. (more…)

Not in the mood for writing #writing

1 st barts

You know how sometimes you crawl out of bed almost lifeless and don’t feel like doing much? That’s how I feel this morning, but I carry on and boost my creativity with several cups of tea! (more…)

Free events #thrifty

free events

This week, I’ve done a price comparison between Aldi and my local convenience store. It’s unsurprising that Aldi was cheaper, using the local store would add around 20% to my shopping bill. For people without transport this could be a problem. (more…)

Photography: Gareth Gates Photo shoot

Wednesbury Christmas Lights 2014 (3)

If you  read my blog post at the weekend, you’ll know I did a photo shoot on Friday when the Christmas Lights were switched on by Gareth Gates. This first photo was fairly easy and I could take my time getting the camera setting right. I chose a fast setting of 1/30 of second and a high ISO (3200) and a wide aperture.


Familiarity breeds contempt


I took this photo in the town centre yesterday while waiting for a friend. I thought about how run down and ugly it is. I photographed the traffic warden or whatever they call them now, giving some poor sod a ticket. (more…)

Lazy days of a Black Country summer

Narrowboat trader at Waterside Place, Walsall

If you read yesterday’s post you’ll know I was at Waterside Place in Walsall on Sunday taking photos of the narrow-boats. Those traders will be at the floating market in Birmingham on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. (more…)

Want to write for a Zillion Ideas?

Brunswick Park, Wednesbury June 2014

I enjoy writing most of the time, but it is a solitary pursuit and I need to get out in the sunshine sometimes. My other interest is photography, so that works out well. Recently I’ve been trying to do a little more in the community I live in. (more…)

Photography: bad light at events

Horse and children at the Frying Pan in Darlaston

We took some photos at the weekend, but the skies were grey and the light really poor. I took at look at this gathering at the Frying Pan pub in Darlaston and using the flash near horses wasn’t an option. This was probably my best picture, because it was fairly close up and I had cooperative models! (more…)

Photography: Local promotions

DSC_0029 (Copy)

I have decided to promote a few things locally using my writing and photography.  On Sunday, it was the Great Midlands Fun Run and Gale Nicholls (on the left) ran for Donna’s Dream House sponsored by the regulars in the Vine Inn, Darlaston. So I went to take a few pictures in the pub! (more…)

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