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Localisation versus globalisation #politics

Globalisation is all very well bringing us a myriad of mass-produced products at affordable prices but localisation can bring us personalised services, craftsmanship and fresh produce. Can’t we do more to promote localisation? Can’t we value local businesses and local markets more?



New Year resolutions and goals

Goals for 2015

landscape with exif info for goals post

I took this photo yesterday, it was freezing, that’s ice on the lake. You might have noticed I’ve added some EXIF info from the camera and my copyright notice to the picture. That’s one of my goals this year, to add copyright notices to pictures. (more…)

Finance Friday: Localisation

We hear a lot about globalisation, but that seems to be putting a lot of local businesses, out of business. Do we need the trend towards globalisation to change and a new trend towards localisation to become popular. We all want the consumer goods that come from globalisation; the cheap technology, the cheap clothing and the modern gadgets. (more…)

Finance Friday: trends

The financial crisis of the past few years has led to a few important trends, such as peer to peer lending and crowd funding. Investors are looking for rewards other than money when deciding what to invest in. Zopa has led the way in peer to peer lending offering better returns for savers.  (more…)

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