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Autumn and winter #ramble


We are into autumn now and nature is giving us a warning that winter is fast approaching. Tomorrow British Summertime ends and we move our clocks an hour back. It will mean it gets dark earlier and I’ll gain an hour’s sleep. (more…)

White balance #photography

1 library

Today’s photo isn’t the best one I’ve ever taken, in fact, I didn’t like any of the photos I took at this photo-shoot. It was in the local Carnegie library, which is still very ornate, despite having been spoiled a little over the years. (more…)

Photography: In the Black Country


Narrowboats at Waterside Place, Walsall

It was early afternoon on Sunday when we set out to take photos of narrow-boats at the waterfront in Walsall. A blue sky with a little cloud should have given us good pictures. There is a lot of grey in this photo though. (more…)

Neodigital Art | Stylish editing

Lock old photo

I managed to take a few photos on Sunday and so I went back to see this lock-keepers cottage in Walsall. There are some leaves on the trees now and although the sun was going lower, I got a different photograph.


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