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Creative opportunities for everyone? #culture

Wednesbury art gallery

Living in the Black Country, all I seemed to hear about when I was young was the industry. Now I hear a lot about creativity and art. We used to make steel tubes here and all sorts of products that supported the motor industry and the building industry. The Black Country was an important part of a nation that was industrious. We made things. (more…)

Finance Friday: Streets paved with gold

The story of Dick Whittington going to London to make his fortune is based on the real Richard Wittington, the three times Lord Mayor of London and wealthy merchant. (more…)

A summer Sunday in June


My neighbour had his hover mower out yesterday. I went in the garden and photographed flowers! I think I’m getting used to the new camera. As you can see from today’s photo, my new Nikon D3200 has quite good definition. I want to photograph some buildings today, so I’ll be out exploring…


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