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Coping with low-light #photography

I photographed the St George’s day parade on Sunday and it was low-light when I started so I increased the ISO to 400. I was using a 28 – 300 lens on my Nikon D750 and would be zooming in quite a lot so I needed quite fast shutter speeds for some shots. My subjects were also moving! One of my first shots was of the crowd some distance away which I shot at f/16 and that gave me 1/100 of a second. So I had the ISO about right.


Low light events #photography

I photographed the Remembrance parade on Sunday. It was freezing cold and low light and my shots weren’t the best I have taken but in difficult conditions, I’m lucky to get even reasonable shots. One professional photographer asked if I had got some good shots so maybe he struggled too. Low light events are more difficult.

REMEMBRANCE -low light events


Shooting events in low light #photography

I’ll be photographing the carnival in a couple of weeks and I have other events coming up. We can’t always count on getting good light and even bright sunlight gives us dark shadows. There will be some events indoors as well. Nikon and Canon DSLRs both meter the light using TTL technology. That is through the lens metering (TTL) and this gives good control over the flash. The flash can be used in bright sunlight to light up those dark shadows but if the skies are dark then another option is to use a higher ISO setting.



Low light and dark skies #photography

A few people have asked how I got into blogging and photography recently. I think people just do it when they realise that they can. Most bloggers are frustrated writers who would prefer to be writing for a top magazine but find their niche in blogging. It is the same for photography and I’m now something of a community photographer and I enjoy it because it is a constant challenge. Autumn and winter give me a new challenge – low light.



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