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Macro shots #photography

I’ve been in the garden and because it is a little wild there are lots of wildflowers to photograph. Photographing small things like flowers with a zoom is called macro photography. There are special macro lenses that tend to ‘flatten the image’ but you can do macro photography with just about any zoom lens. I used my 55 – 300 mm lens.

macro photography


Scene modes at events #photography

CARNIVAL 2015 (390)

At events, you often have to capture the action quickly. You don’t have time to fiddle around with camera settings. Then the camera ‘scene’ modes won’t give you a great photo, but they are usually good enough. I used the sport setting for this shot. It gave me a wide aperture and fast shutter speed. (more…)

Neodigital Art | Creating art with editing



I took this photo in June and I’ve edited it a few times. This picture has been popular but it wasn’t quite what I was looking for. If you take the picture at a high resolution then you can crop just a small part of it and still have a good picture. I cropped the poppies on the left. I’m still working on that picture.


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