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Making money from panic #finance

It doesn’t matter what the panic is, a strike, a bread shortage or an oil glut. There will be people who will exaggerate the problem and so a belief will spread that things are worse than they really are. The speculators then make money buying up the commodity that is in short supply or taking advantage in some way. Has panic got worse? As far as the money markets and stock markets are concerned, I think it has and so there are now more opportunities for making money.


How to start a blog


There are millions of bloggers around the world now, some are amateurs expressing their views and some are professional bloggers. If you’re going to start a blog, you have to compete with all of them. First of all decide why you want to write a blog. To have influence? To make money? Send out a message?


More amazing ideas to think about


We all need to make money as individuals and collectively. We need to create wealth as a nation too. I saw the same old garbage trotted out this week when someone suggested Britain needs to manufacture more because that’s ‘real wealth’. So when pop stars sell millions of pounds worth of albums, that’s not ‘real wealth’? (more…)

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