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Manor House Hoe Down #ramble

Manor House

I think I’ll be going to the Manor House today:

Manor House Hoe Down Sunday 6 September 11 am – 3 pm. Yee-Ha the cowboys ride into the Manor House again this year with lots of fun to be had. Have a go on the bucking bronco, visit the mini farm, line dance to your hearts content plus much more. There will be an animal show at 12noon lasting 2 hours, cost £2.50 per person, booking is on the day. (more…)

Burlesque and art


I started with an artistic poster today for burlesque. Burlesque is artistic, it started in Europe and then caught on in the United States. It’s not serious art, it’s meant to be cheeky and it’s meant to be humorous. (more…)

Uniform history affecting our lives #life


I went to West Bromwich Manor House yesterday to photograph an American Civil  war re-enactment. Not really history that I can identify with, but still interesting. History shapes society and gives us our culture. (more…)

Manor House St George #photography


I went to West Bromwich Manor House museum on Saturday to photograph the St George’s Day event.  St George’s Day is actually on Thursday the 23rd of April, but there were events last weekend. The event gave me lots of colourful characters to photograph and a great location. (more…)

Manor House Vintage Fair

Manor House vintage fair -  12 October 2014 (11)

There were lots of events through the summer for me to photograph, but now Autumn is here, there are fewer events and many are indoors. I went to West Bromwich Manor House yesterday to photograph the Vintage Fair which was held both indoors and outdoors. (more…)

Photography: Boer War battle

1 Forge Mill lake - Sandwell Valley

If you saw yesterday’s post you’ll know that I went to Sandwell Valley Country Park and West Bromwich Manor House on Sunday to take photos. This is Forge Mill lake. As you can see, it was a grey sky and this was shooting north. (more…)

Photography: April showers

1 tree at Manor House

I go out taking photographs in all weathers, but rain does make it a little more challenging. Showers are normal in England in April and so we have to try to go out in between the showers. I took a few photos last week but it’s been constant rain or dark skies since. (more…)

Photography | The Manor House

The Manor House

We went to lots of places to take photographs on Sunday. This is the Manor House at West Bromwich. I took this with my Nikon D3200. There was a falconry display in the ground, but the shots of the birds weren’t so good. (more…)

The lord of the manor


Yesterday, I photographed the local manor house. That would be where the local lord of the manor would have lived hundreds of years ago. The area was largely a rural community then. The lord of manor would have been the land owner renting out land to local farmers and small holders. People scraping a living off the land. Much of what they produced went to the lord who’s title would have been bestowed upon him by grateful royalty or maybe on an ancestor.


A Englishmans home is his castle

Today’s picture is of the Manor House, West Bromwich, which has a St George’s Day Family Fun Day on today. There will also be a big St George’s Day parade in Stone Cross tomorrow.


Neodigital Art | The Oak House

Oak House 003

I went to the Oak House in West Bromwich on Sunday and took photographs. There is always somewhere to have an afternoon out taking photos. The sun was bright and so that presented new problems. It was dark at about 1 o’clock and then the sky cleared and I had bright sunlight. You can see the light reflected off light colours and shadows in this picture. Most people stand in front of the house and get a nice symmetrical picture. You lose all depth then. I have the tree for some depth and the angle makes the house look taller on the left of the picture and smaller as it goes away from us. We have a lot of perspective.


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