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A Black Country Sunday ramble


The weather is still very changeable in England. I need sunshine! It was a long winter and then we had snow in Spring. I want to take some photos of this beautiful landscape that we have in the Black Country.


The mid-week moan, again

In the park

It would seem that Britain is more divided than ever today. It will be interesting to see whose side everyone is really on when it comes to the crunch. The elitists are having a funeral for their heroine. She saved Britain; gave us Google, Iphones, Windows 7, Tesco value beef-burgers and Wonga.


Back door politics and nightmares


Do you remember when Rupert Murdock was in the news? He apparently visited Downing Street and influenced Prime Ministers; dropping in through the back door of Number 10. One resident you might remember was one Margaret Thatcher until she was stabbed in the back by her own party. Lance Armstrong thought he could do what he wanted, because he was at the top of his profession too. Jimmy Savile was too famous to fail as well. How the mighty have fallen!


The first review of December 2012

Playing fields

The year is coming to an end. I have had a renewal notice for the web space for this site, it’s nearly a year old! It isn’t a resounding success yet, but the page views for each month are always a little more. Success breeds success and so there is still time to promote the site and get zillions of readers.


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