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Have a nice day #thrifty #frugal

Just driving to the supermarket these days is stressful and so isn’t it a relief when to find the checkout person is pleasant and helpful? Well run companies know this and train their staff to de-stress us at the checkout knowing we will do almost anything to avoid stress. Stress costs us money because as we walk around the supermarket we are tempted by sugary foods like chocolate and by alcohol. It is worse for smokers who will gasp their way to the cigarette kiosk and then hurry outside to light up.

Have a nice day


The real cost of the goods we buy. #thrifty

It can be easy to spend money without much thought, especially if you’re using a debit or credit card, but spending money has an impact on our future and on the environment. It is a good idea to stop and think about the real cost of the goods we buy and look for value for money. Not just for ourselves, but for future generations that will have to live with climate change caused by our excessive consumption.

the real cost of the goods we buy


What is customer relationship marketing?



By Fairy Dharawat.

What is CRM?

CRM (customer relationship marketing) is a marketing model carried out based on research and findings of customer’s behaviour and buying patterns. When does the shopper shop? How often do they make trips to the store? What are the usual items that they prefer and what is their purchasing power? All this data is collected through point of sale.


Shopping with Colours



A guest blog by Fairy Dharawat

As marketing products plays a pivotal role in garnering profits, our world has seen some interesting marketing strategies to lure shoppers. Until now we have seen some great and not so great marketing gimmicks that have shaped the world of marketing today. All this has but one point to make and one statement to make; to be different and to increase sales. Increasing sales involves buying and buying is done by shoppers. The shopper, when they buy, becomes a consumer. The consumer is what every retailer and brand wants their shoppers to be; loyal consumers. This does not happen often and many theories have been written about this. The whole purpose of marketing is to get the product off the shelf and this is the motive behind the marketing budget planned by the board of directors of huge companies; some get lucky, some do not. What really goes on in the mind of a shopper when they buy? Many theories have been written and today we will discuss one of them. (more…)

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