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Can photo-blogging improve a community?

I went to a creative meeting last week and on the way home noticed there were no cars parked outside the Black Horse and took the opportunity to photograph it at night. Lots of pubs have closed down in the Black Country but this one is doing well because it’s run well. (more…)

The weeks blogs review


The summer seems to have returned to England at long last. I took this photo the other night, with the sun shining through the trees. It seems a popular picture, perhaps because it excites the imagination. Maybe it’s the unusual angle. I took it from the top of the aqueduct. I get nervous of heights and of deep water so I wasn’t very comfortable. I also wrote a few blogs this week, that you might like to read. Just up the road from there, the river crosses the road under a bridge and then runs alongside the lake separating it from the playing fields and the canal. There’s a 700 year old Manor House down the road in Hall Green Road. You can just see a bit of the 18th century aqueduct in the picture.


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