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Easy Money #finance

I suppose most people like easy money, but some people make easy money as executives in an organisation that more or less run themselves. Then there are others that clean our hospitals and keep them clinically clean that need tax credits.  They need a big increase in the minimum wage. (more…)

Finance Friday | making society fairer

Imagine for a moment that your job was to keep a hospital car park tidy, sweep up and collect the litter. Maybe, your job could be doing something else seemingly unimportant in the hospital. Would you be happy to be paid the minimum wage of just £6.21 an hour and suffer the indignity of claiming benefits?


Should there be a maximum wage?

I saw a video the other day of the CEO of a health service trust who dressed up as superman to do some exercise with his staff. He looked like he needed the exercise, but also looked really stupid. It hardly inspires people with confidence and he earns £175,000 a year! Should there be a maximum wage as well as a minimum wage for public servants?


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