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Keeping an open mind #health

Factory locks

I think keeping an open mind can be good for mental health. If we run with the pack and accept what everyone else believes we can not only share their beliefs but their fears too. People tend to fear what they don’t understand. (more…)

Life: We need so many things just to live

1 walsall art gallery shop

I went to the art gallery on Sunday. Why? Well it was open for one thing. That’s important in people’s lives, opportunity. If people don’t have the opportunity to do things, then they might as well stay at home and watch some mind numbingly boring soap on Sunday afternoon. I usually go out and take photos on a Sunday afternoon, but last week it was cold and wet. (more…)

Psychology | We all want to be happy

We all want to be happy, but what is happiness? Many people have made lots of money in their search for happiness and still aren’t happy. So how do we define happiness? What would make you happy? A lottery win?


Psychology | Out of Desperation

People will often behave out of character, because they are desperate. Desperation can drive us to commit crime; even murder. Desperation is feeling we can no longer tolerate our situation. We not only want to change how we feel; we need to change how we are feeling. We need to stop the pain. It might be physical pain, but often it’s psychological pain.


Psychology |motivation

Moorcroft Wood

If we compare humans to robots, we see that humans are motivated; robots just do as they’re told by us humans.  Our motives can seem complicated, but our motivation for doing most things is quite primitive. We eat to avoid hunger, but in order to eat we would have had to hunt and forage at one time; now we go to the shops. We have a basic need to keep warm, it’s part of our survival instinct and so we shop for clothes. We have an instinct that seems to make us explore and ask questions because this ability makes it much easier for us to survive. (more…)

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