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Narrow aperture challenge #photography

If you read last week’s photography post you will know I set you a challenge to take a few photos with a wide aperture, in fact, wide open. This week, I am setting you a challenge to take a few photos with a narrow aperture. This is a little more difficult because you have to judge how narrow it should be. Take a look at this shot:

A narrow aperture brings distant objects into focus


Developing your photography #photography

I experiment a lot with my photography and take an artistic approach. I’m not just taking snaps I want to create artistic pictures that can be displayed and bring some pleasure for years to come. Some photographers have rules that help them compose good shots. I tend to experiment much more with my shots and so have much more rejected. As you are developing your style you will see what works and what doesn’t work. In developing your landscape photography try the 1/3 rule that says 1/3 of the frame should be land or sky.



Wide apertures #photography

1 post with exif

Last week I looked at wide apertures for portraits, that can get your subject in sharp focus, but the background out of focus. This photo isn’t one of my best ones, it’s just the concrete post in the garden that holds the washing line. You can see easily that it’s in focus while the background is blurred. (more…)

Neodigital Art |Autumn colours and light

The Milky Pool SKY

This photograph of the Milky pool was taken in the Spring. The colours are great, very pale colours that reflected the light well. The camera was set on landscape, giving me a narrow aperture and depth of field. The sun was quite high in the sky and the light was great. So I went back to see what the colours would be like in Autumn.


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