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Tipton boat gathering


I drove to Tipton yesterday to photograph the boat gathering. As I drove, it poured with rain. Well, it is a bank holiday weekend. It was cloudy when I got there but the rain had stopped and so I wandered along the canal. (more…)

Tipton Canal boat gathering #photography


The weather finally improved at Easter for a narrow-boat gathering at Easter. It was still cloudy which gave poor light, but I raised the ISO on my camera and took lots of pictures. It’s a good idea to use a wide aperture and get quite close with narrow-boats. (more…)

Photography: the canals

1 scenic Tipton

On Sunday, I took to the local canals to take photos of narrow-boats. It was early afternoon when I took this picture and you can see quite long shadows. The sun was south of me and quite bright. The colours are changing now and becoming much brighter. The grass is very green after all the rain. I’m shooting westerly for this picture. (more…)

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