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Industrial Black Country


Industrial Revolution

The canals of the Black Country were cut through the landscape in the 18th century to carry coal and steel. This was the beginning of the Industrial Revolution. When Britain was great and had an empire that stretched across the globe. It was a pleasant time for the rich in their mansions but a terrible time for the poor who were exploited and deprived. (more…)

Clearly defined subject #photography

Saxon Warrior at Wednesbury art gallery   clearly defined subject

Saxon Warrior

I went to Wednesbury art gallery last week and this gentleman kindly dressed as a Saxon warrior and posed for a few photos. It is obvious what the subject of this photo is and it is a sharp image. Landscape photography is different and there isn’t always a clearly defined subject. (more…)

Composition #photography

Narrowboat on canal composition


The Bank holiday weekend was a bit of a washout but I drove through the heavy rain to the narrowboat gathering at Tipton on Sunday. As you can see from this picture it was deserted! I was able to think about the composition of my pictures and contrast the bright colours again the grey. (more…)

Neodigital Art | Inspired

Damien Hirst

On Sunday I went to the New Art Gallery in Walsall to look at some works by Damien Hirst and others. This was one of his better pictures! I try to create art with digital devices, Damien Hirst favours a chainsaw and formaldehyde. There was works by more conventional artists on display.


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