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Normal April showers?

Woden Road South (2)

I took this photo a year ago. I look at the sky a lot now in an attempt to predict the weather. The sky looked a paler blue last year, today it’s been a deep blue with white clouds and April showers. We had a very wet summer last year, are we back to normal now?


Another midweek moan


Today I have used a picture of the churches overlooking the town where I live. When I’m out taking photographs, I often look at them and know I’m still close to home. They stand on a hill with steep sides on this side. A 1,000 years ago a castle stood there and Princess Ethelfreda fought the Viking invaders from there.


Neodigital Art | Defining Art


I used this picture last week and it was suggested that a colour version might look better. I did a lot of editing on this, cropping it and changing it to a watercolour image. I also edited out the cars in the background again.


Neodigital Art | Editing with PhotoScape


Today’s picture was taken at Forge Mill Farm in Sandwell Valley and I’ve edited it with PhotoScape taking out some cars in the background and I changed the colours to look for like sepia.


Weekend review from the heart of England


I get a few local readers at the weekend and so I’ll explain about today’s picture. I took this at Easter at Forge Mill Farm in Sandwell Valley Country Park. From Walsall take the Birmingham Road, turn right at the Scott Arms and go up the Newton Road then left into Forge Lane. Forge Mill Farm is on the left, take the second entrance.


Neodigital Art | creative photo editing


The international students at the University of Wolverhampton are keen to record their time in England in photographs.


Neodigital Art | Black Country pictures

This is the pool in Moorcroft Wood, last summer. The next picture is of it recently in the depths of winter; after the snow.


Saturday roundup of this weeks ideas


The weather forecast for this weekend is rain all weekend and so I think there is little chance of me taking more photographs this weekend. It’s only 11 days to the Spring equinox. That will be closely followed by Easter and we will be putting the clocks on an hour so the evenings will be lighter and maybe a little warmer.


Neodigital Art | Timeline pictures

a zillion ideas sunset

This picture is my my cover picture on my Facebook Timeline. On the left of the picture is my profile photo, just underneath where the sun is in this picture. When you’re doing a photo like this, it’s important to get the text in the right place.


Neodigital Art | Artistic editing


I can’t remember when I took this photo. I think it was the summer of 2011. I do remember having to take it through chain-link fencing. I have edited it again using PhotoScape using a watercolour option. It looks quite artistic now.


The Saturday collection of this week’s highlights

The bridge across to Moorcroft Wood

Today’s picture is of the bridge across the canal that goes to Moorcroft Wood. Many canals run in a straight line, but this one meanders around a little. You can walk along the canal from the waterfront outside Walsall Art gallery, through Pleck to Darlaston and past George Rose park to Moxley and eventually end up here. It’s fascinating to see how the canals run through the Black Country.


Neodigital Art | Changing winter scenes

The Milky Pool 001

I took this photo this afternoon. What do you think? These are the first ones of February. How do you think they would compare to January? It was just as cold, a biting wind today. This is the Milky Pool, that I have photographed before.


Taking and editing snow photos

SNOW 2 012

This is what I saw when I opened my bedroom curtains this morning. I did the edit with Windows Live Photo Gallery. If you haven’t edited before, set the program as your default for viewing photos. Right click on a picture, then choose ‘open with’, then select ‘default program; then choose Windows Live Photo Gallery.


The Saturday roundup of ideas

We are well into the New Year now and heading for the most depressing day of the year which is said to be the third Monday in January. So ‘Blue Monday will be the 21st of January this year.


Neodigital Art | Editing landscapes.


I start each blog with a photo and I used this one yesterday. I edited it with Windows Live photo gallery. The sun came out for this one and the blue sky is reflected on the water. The aperture was narrow, so good depth of field, but it wasn’t so good before editing.


Neodigital Art | More editing

MOON 2 005

I’ve started today with one of my shots of the moon. Bridge cameras have a really good zoom, but you don’t need a great zoom to get a good shot. I waited for this shot, because the moon was very bright and I wanted cloud around the moon, but not obscuring it. (more…)

Graffiti – how do they do it?

Wednesbury 021

I see graffiti in all sorts of strange places. If these kids slipped they would be in the canal. I have seen graffiti on aqueducts thirty of forty feet up, they must be risking their necks up there.


Neodigital Art | Editing for art


This picture was a bit boring, but it looks interesting now I’ve edited it. It was simple a fence outside a factory. It was taken in bad light too:


Neodigital Art | Artistic editing

Narrowboats at Wednesbury

You can do some interesting things with PhotoScape. I edited this picture and made it mono to give a old fashioned look. I took it earlier in the year and the light was really poor. It looks quite interesting and artistic now. What do you think? I added text to the picture too, that can be useful.


Neodigital Art | PhotoScape editing

BUS fish eye 20%

This week I am editing photos with PhotoScape. It’s a freeware download and will make a big difference to your photographs. You can use any camera and edit to produce art. I used the fish-eye distort on this photo.


Neodigital Art | Autumn trees


I saw this tree at the side of the lake, it’s leaves golden in the bright sunlight. I took a few shots, but I think this one is more interesting. The tree is still in the centre of the picture, but contrasts against the others.


Saturday Review | The week in focus


I’m not too sure about this photograph. It’s different from the usual photograph that I use. It was taken a few evenings ago and has been edited to make it a little more ‘artistic’. It shows what you can do with a digital camera and a little experimenting. I did a few blogs this week too…


Neodigital Art | International


Neodigital Art goes International

I’ve started today with a photograph by Simon James taken in the North of England recently. The view of the church from quite an unusual angle works well. When I edited this I tried to get the textures to show up as much as possible.


Neodigital Art | Artistic editing

The Milky Pool edited

This is one of my favourite pictures and I think very artistic. I think it’s a good shot and I got the editing right. I would have liked the tree a little more to the left and the ducks aren’t quite where I would like either! This is the original photograph:


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