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The Nikon D3200 #photography

A member of the Black Country toggers group has bought a Nikon D3200 like mine and so I’ll devote today’s post to the Nikon D3200. Like most cameras, it has a dial on the top where you can choose ‘scene modes’ such as portrait or landscape. Most serious photographers like to use manual settings and have more control over the camera. Those settings are M for manual, A for aperture priority, S for shutter speed priority and P for programmed auto.


Fine tuning your camera #photography

In previous posts, I have mainly covered different apertures, ISO setting and shutter speeds but if you want great shots you have to dig deeper into your camera menus. I have a Nikon D3200 which is a popular and relatively inexpensive DSLR and so I have been looking at more advanced settings for fine tuning the camera.

fine tuning using this menu


Choosing your equipment #photography

As well as being a blogger I’m also a community photographer and have to take quite a professional approach to that. However, my equipment isn’t so professional. Most of my content including the photographs is published online so I don’t need an expensive full-frame camera. I did upgrade to a DSLR from a bridge camera when I began to do lots of events but I chose the semi-professional DX camera which is much cheaper than a full-frame DSLR. Choosing your equipment for digital publishing is a lot cheaper than if you were taking photographs for high-end magazines.

choosing your equipment


Focus points and metering #photography

The focus points on a camera are used to focus on your subject but they are also used for metering. My Nikon D3200 has 11 focus points and they are useful but I often only use one. Some cameras have a lot more focus points and they  cover the whole frame.

focus points


Choosing picture control #photography

A lot of cameras have picture control which can be set before you start your photo-shoot. On my Nikon D3200, it is found on the shooting menu.

It gives a number of choices:

SD standard
NL neutral
VI vivid
MC monochrome
PT portrait
LS landscape


picture control - vivid


DSLR lenses #photography

HYDES POOL Wednesbury uk

If you really get into photography, you will want a DSLR (digital single lens reflex) camera. These are favoured by most professional photographers, but for snaps, a cheap camera or a phone will still get you a reasonable picture. (more…)

Choosing a used camera #photography

GUM BALL 3000 2012

There are always a lot of used cameras for sale on specialist websites and Ebay. If you are lusting after a really expensive camera buying one used might be the answer. You need to know the difference between the different cameras. This picture was taken with a Fujifilm S5600  bridge camera. (more…)

Aperture settings #photography

METRO  (1)

This isn’t a very good picture, but it demonstrates what I want to say. There is a post on the left that is out of focus and the birdhouse and tree are in focus. The depth of field is quite narrow. As you go away from the optimal distance from the camera things get blurred, but our subject is in sharp focus. (more…)

Photography: Basic camera settings

photography camera settings


If you had a new camera for Christmas or you’re thinking of getting one, then my new series of articles on photography and camera settings is for you. I’ll also be covering photo-blogging, art and other aspects of photography. Today we start with the camera settings that are around the camera dial. (more…)

A summer Sunday in June


My neighbour had his hover mower out yesterday. I went in the garden and photographed flowers! I think I’m getting used to the new camera. As you can see from today’s photo, my new Nikon D3200 has quite good definition. I want to photograph some buildings today, so I’ll be out exploring…


Nikon D3200 | Photographing the park.


I took delivery of my new Nikon D3200 last week and it has a a much higher specification than my Fujifilm S5600 that I normally use. You can see from this photo that the resolution is much higher at nearly 25 megapixels. The first photos that I took weren’t so good and the editing was very different.

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