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Let me entertain you #life

I seem to be photographing more entertainers recently. The latest one was Ray Quinn, who is a former X-Factor star. There are many entertainers, but they don’t all get the ‘big break’ that talent shows can offer. Many entertainers just plod on week after week entertaining in pubs and clubs around the country. There is a tendency on the part of the public to celebrate the best and only the best. (more…)

Creating an image #life

This is Noddy Holder, a national treasure and a local hero, here in the Black Country. He made a name for himself, not to mention the money and brought us a new brand of entertainment. I often wonder, what makes a celebrity? (more…)

Portraits and people #photography

I’ve talked a lot about apertures and shutter speeds in these lessons on basic photography. A wide aperture gives you a short depth of field and so your subject will be in sharp focus, but behind your subject will be out of focus. This can be useful for photographing people, wildlife and for food photography. (more…)

Photography: Christmas pictures

Town Christmas tree

Christmas tree

I took this picture of the town’s Christmas tree last week and to make it twinkle more I used a 4 point star filter.I bought a set of filters, a soft focus filter, a warm filter and this 4 point star filter. You can get filters for a lot of cameras, but you have to buy the right size.  (more…)

Noddy comes home to Walsall

Noddy Holder at the Manor (92)

Noddy Holder came home to Walsall yesterday to switch on the Christmas Lights at the Manor Hospital. Pete Smith, the Mayor of Walsall was there too. It was one of the kids from the children’s ward that helped Noddy to switch on the lights. As usual, the press photographers were there. (more…)

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