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Keeping tabs on your money


Thrifty Thursday

I read this week that people forget where they spent their money. You look in your wallet or purse and suddenly it’s all gone and payday is still some way off. Many people can’t last until payday and even then, if disaster strikes they can’t last long without money


How to save money


I used my credit card last month, when the bill arrives I’ll pay it off. If you pay interest to the bank that’s money you can’t spend on those little luxuries that make life more bearable. Paying extra for goods so you can get ‘interest-free’ credit is the same or paying extra for monthly instalments.


The Wednesday moan


There are a few signs of Spring around now in the heart of England. Blossom on the trees, bluebells in the woods and the river is lined with millions of flowers. The weather hasn’t been very good this Spring, we even had snow in March; but the forecasters promise us that it will improve for the weekend.


Why confidence is important

I started lending money to other people through Zopa, a couple of years ago. I get higher interest rates if I lend to people who are considered riskier. The A* market is the safest and I have no bad payers in that market or the A market. I have half a dozen late payers in the B market.


The first review of December 2012

Playing fields

The year is coming to an end. I have had a renewal notice for the web space for this site, it’s nearly a year old! It isn’t a resounding success yet, but the page views for each month are always a little more. Success breeds success and so there is still time to promote the site and get zillions of readers.


The Sunday lunch ramble, rich and poor

Blackpool panoramic type

Today’s photo was taken by Simon James and I’ve cropped it and added the text to it. It looks like a postcard! This is my usual ramble on a Sunday, when I have little to write about and so ramble on about whatever is on my mind. At the moment that’s lunch! (more…)

Tales of the unexpected

Money - Seeing the future

I had to buy a new computer earlier this year when my hard drive died, that was unexpected. I’ve had a few more unexpected expenses this year and then the usual heavy bills come in at the end of the year. I’ve coped, but many people don’t and that’s when that high interest pay-day loan can be tempting. Over a million people in the UK resort to pay-day loans every month.


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