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Perceptions and human behaviour #ramble

It is Sunday morning and so once again, I’ll share my thoughts with you. Perceptions are the way we see things but we aren’t always right. We see some guy we know coming out of a strip club early one morning and we assume he had a good night. We don’t wait to hear a plausible explanation before mentioning the encounter to someone who will, in turn, mention it to someone else. The truth might be that he visited the establishment of ill-repute to read the gas meter but we don’t let the truth get in the way of a bit of gossip. Human behaviour is something I think a lot about, we rarely seem to get things right.

It is human behaviour to try to get to the front


Is it still raining? #ramble

Is it raining?

Is it raining?

It’s Sunday morning and so once again I let you into the weird labyrinth where I keep my innermost thoughts. What’s on my mind this week? On a Sunday, I like to write this ramble in the morning and then after lunch, I like to do some landscape photography while I can drive about without facing mind destroying congestion. Of course, on Friday’s when the congestion is the worst we get the sunshine and on Sundays it’s always raining.

I was out last night taking photos at Churchill’s club where my brother was celebrating his 60th birthday. I have looked through the photos this morning and they are quite good. I deleted far fewer than usual and so I must be getting better at this event photography.

Images and perceptions #ramble

These pictures are of Brunswick Park in Wednesbury where I’ll be taking photographs this afternoon. It looks like a beautiful Victorian park and it is a beautiful Victorian park, but I haven’t shown the modern additions to the park. There are images and perceptions and this is an image that has been deliberately manipulated to mislead.



Perceptions #life #art


Our perceptions of life and the world we live in depends on how hard we’re finding it. When we’re struggling we become focused on the task in hand, trying desperately to make life easier. There are many people on Easy Street, but far more people struggling in Britain today. (more…)

Perceptions #life


No one tells us how to think, but there are powerful influences that seem to guide, not only what we think, but our behaviour too. We know television advertising affects us, but how much does the programming affect us?  Are our perceptions of society and ourselves being manipulated? (more…)

Analogies, perceptions and phenomenon

DSC_0209 (Copy)

‘No smoke without fire’ is an analogy. If you see smoke coming from a building, you assume it’s on fire. It is an analogy used in a negative context; usually by negative people. (more…)

Psychology: perceptions of competence

I read some research over the weekend that suggested that we all tend to think we are more competent at the things we do, than we actually are. This would seem to indicate over confidence in our own abilities. In some cultures affirmations are popular. (more…)

Money is a unit of exchange, not wealth

Money - Seeing the future

We tend to think money is wealth, but it’s not; it’s just a unit of exchange for exchanging wealth. The wealth is the stuff we produce; goods and services. Some things like property will appear to go up in value. The sun appears to rise in the morning, but we know that the sun doesn’t go around the earth. The earth appears flat, but we know it’s not. Money seems to keep it’s value, but it doesn’t really, it goes down in value when central banks increase the money supply. Everyone who has money then loses out and people who have wealth in oil, gold or some other commodities like property, will gain.


How to improve your image

The Milky Pool

Every day I start my blog with a photograph, it’s part of the site’s image. Websites have an image, businesses have an image, products have an image and people have an image. If you have a good image, then you are likely to be more successful in life. Your image sends out a message to other people.


The Female Shopper



By Fairy Dharawat

There are many different types of shopper, but all that comes later. Let’s try to understand the primary shoppers, who are male and female shoppers. It is tough to gauge responses from shoppers when they show confusing patterns of purchases. So as a female shopper, I thought, why not write what female shopper really wants, one female at a time. (more…)

Psychology | Perceptions

Sanna coloured

My picture today is quite eerie. Different people with react to the picture differently; some people will think it’s quite spooky while others will think it’s artistic. These are perceptions, emotional reactions to what we encounter.  We tend to imagine that others perceive things the same as we do. They don’t obviously and this leads to different points of view. A woman’s perception of shopping for example can be quite different from that of a man. These perceptions are often manipulated by the media and by advertisers who constantly try to persuade us to see things their way. (more…)

Introduction to design thinking



A guest blog by Fairy Dharawat

While researching for a new topic for today’s writing, I came across the word ‘design’. The word made me curious, curious as to its meaning. Design has always being stereotyped as something beautiful and is often thought of with a limited vision of dealing with everything beautiful; say a pattern in dress, fashion designing; nice interior, interior designing; art, moveable design. But design is much more than a few vocational professions. Design is about planning and execution. (more…)

What your behaviour says about you

Bannister road 082

Even relatively minor aspects of our behaviour says a lot about us. My interest in photography, canals, art and history reflects my personality. Behaviour can come across as positive or negative to other people. It can define us as a leader or a sheep-like follower. If you tend to read the most popular newspaper because everyone else reads it. That could define you as a follower. In the UK people often make fun of Sun readers for that reason, but even if you read the less popular Times newspaper, you are still following the crowd. The crowd in that case being others in your own social class. (more…)

In search of… Status


Status is so important in Britain. I think it’s because we have Royalty and aristocrats. It isn’t enough to be a ordinary honest person; you have to be a greed driven celebrity these days or you’re nothing. The great and the good have been meeting at Camp David with the President of the United States. They have been talking about the Eurozone crisis and growth. Why growth? Why not sustainability? (more…)

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