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Trying a different approach #photography #art

It was the Tipton Canal Festival at the weekend and so a great opportunity for me to continue my development of photography into art. The historian will look at finance from a different perspective to a mathematician. An artist will look at the creation of images from a different perspective to a photographer. I want to try a different approach and look at my photography from the perspective of an artist rather than thinking just about the technical aspects of creating an image. My project involves photographing people, places and things with a zoom lens and I want to zoom in quite close up. The people are easy and now I’m getting an idea of what things I want to photograph. I couldn’t park my car anywhere near the canal festival but I still got some shots from the bridge near the Barge and Barrel with the 300mm lens.

Different approach


National Dialect Weekend #photography


Wednesbury hosted National Dialect Weekend a few days ago and I was at the town hall on Friday night to take a few pictures. I have forgotten this gentleman’s name, I shall have to encourage organisers of future events to have a programme that I can keep. The blue lighting gives a nice effect! (more…)

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