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Halve your car’s fuel consumption?



News this morning is of an amazing new invention. It’s the brainchild of Professor Tarquin Topheeapple of Cambridge University who claims that his new device can halve fuel consumption on vehicles that run on unleaded petrol (gasoline). This news has excited motorists throughout the UK and brought alarm and panic to oil producing countries. It’s feared the oil price will plummet when  markets open on Monday. Motoring organisations have pledged to back the professor ‘all the way’. (more…)

The week in brief


End of March 2012

We had a few things to talk about this week. The weather was unusually mild for the end of March. In England we usually have our heating on until the 1st of May and it’s not always warm enough in May to turn off the heating. My ‘death or glory’ investment in Premier Foods was doing well on Monday and Tuesday briefly touching 18p a share before dropping back to just over 16p. I bought at 4p and so I’m happy. They doubled in January and made more ground this week and I expect they will do well again before the year is out. You have to try to make a quid. (more…)

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