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Neodigital Art | Black Country pictures

This is the pool in Moorcroft Wood, last summer. The next picture is of it recently in the depths of winter; after the snow.


Neodigital Art | Editing for art


This picture was a bit boring, but it looks interesting now I’ve edited it. It was simple a fence outside a factory. It was taken in bad light too:


Saturday Review | The week in focus


I’m not too sure about this photograph. It’s different from the usual photograph that I use. It was taken a few evenings ago and has been edited to make it a little more ‘artistic’. It shows what you can do with a digital camera and a little experimenting. I did a few blogs this week too…


Neodigital Art | Merrion’s Wood

MERRIONS 2012 089

Regular readers will know that the photograph that I had in the finals of a contest last year was taken in Merrion’s Wood. The light can be very difficult in woodland because it can be dark. You can see in this picture that the sunlight was bright, but he trees cast shadows. (more…)

This week’s ideas…


We are having a little rain in England, in fact, I think it’s breaking records. I did get out a couple of times to take photos this week, but it was a little dark. Strangely, the sun felt hot one day, but the light wasn’t very good for photography. I wrote a few blogs and I am continuing to add to a zillion ideas! This site is only 5 months old and we have readers in 50 countries, so it could be worse. I hear of a British website selling for millions every year; I could be rich one day! If you would like to have a go at blogging, why not write a blog and send it to me at a Zillion Ideas? The email address is in the side bar >>> (more…)

Neodigital Art | Sometimes, we have to get lucky


I took this shot a number of times, in the opposite direction, but this one seems better. Would it be better symmetrical? Would it be better zoomed in more? I tried all the different options and this one seemed the best! (more…)

Neodigital Art | Is it a school of art?


This must be my best picture and a print out of it is exhibited in my local hospital. Most people would agree that although it’s a photograph that has been edited; it is also art. Who wouldn’t want to see it hanging in an art gallery? Is Neodigital a school of art though? The traditional notion of a school of art is a group of artists all producing work in the same style and perhaps in the same place. In the 21st century, a school of art can be multinational. I have been promoting Neodigital Art for a few years and it does have a certain style and does use digital devices like a digital camera, scanner and computer. (more…)

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