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How to become a writer and photographer

a Whie Hart edit

How hard can it be?

It seems so much easier to become a writer or even a photographer these days. Most people have a computer and a digital camera and the internet provides numerous blogging sites and photo sharing sites. How hard can it be? You can even publish a novel on the internet as a eBook or even have it printed on demand. There are millions of people with blogs on WordPress and BlogSpot.


Neodigital Art | PhotoScape editing

BUS fish eye 20%

This week I am editing photos with PhotoScape. It’s a freeware download and will make a big difference to your photographs. You can use any camera and edit to produce art. I used the fish-eye distort on this photo.


Neodigital Art | Artistic editing

The Milky Pool edited

This is one of my favourite pictures and I think very artistic. I think it’s a good shot and I got the editing right. I would have liked the tree a little more to the left and the ducks aren’t quite where I would like either! This is the original photograph:


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