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Poetry and problems #ramble

Yes, it’s Sunday morning and so once again I share my thoughts with you. I’ve been doing less writing for my blog this year and even less photography. I have joined a writers’ group and so I’ve been trying to write some poetry. One poem upset a few people on Facebook and I had to delete it.  Some people are way too sensitive to be on social media. Poetry seems to have re-entered my life.

poetry and problems


Poetry, photography and art #ramble #Wednesburyonline

It’s Sunday morning and so once again I’ll share my thoughts with you. I went to the Darlaston Writer’s group yesterday so I have poetry on my mind. I’m not very good at writing it and certainly not any good at reading it out loud but I keep trying. As usual, I also have photography in mind and I promised to take a photo of a section of a Tipton canal that we saw in a very old photograph. I hope I can identify the stretch now.

poetry in motion


Freezing and sneezing #Wednesbury

Yes, it is freezing in Wednesbury today. I missed my evening of spoken word and music in Wednesbury library last night. I spent 30 minutes de-icing my car and it was still iced up and misted up then. I gave up, I was freezing. I might clear the ice later and warm it up. My computer says it’s 36F now but it has been wrong before. It was wrong last night, it was way below freezing.

Wednesbury on parade - it was freezing


Poetry for the weekend #culture

I met Jen Coley at a soirée of music, poetry and spoken word at Wednesbury library recently and she offered to contribute some poetry to my blog. So here are a few poems, the first is inspired by autumn. It is poetry for the weekend.

poetry for the weekend



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