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Political delusions of grandeur #politics

Yes, leave the European Union and we can get our empire back and everything will be hunky-dory. Britons shalt not be slaves to Johnny Foreigner and we will not accept their benefit scrounging scum in our green and pleasant land. The reality, however, is that we need the immigrants because we didn’t train enough doctors and nurses for our needs. Cameron dresses up in Victorian garb for the Lord Mayor’s Ball and slips into the delusional belief that we still have the empire and can still rule the waves. The reality, dear boy, is that we are a tiny island that has to do deals with other nations to survive. We are now in the process of breaking the biggest deal we have ever signed to appease the nationalist bull-shitters of the European Research Group. These are political delusions of grandeur on a grand and destructive scale.

political delusions


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