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Christmas in just three weeks #ramble

It’s Sunday morning and the sun’s shining and so I’ll let you into the most inner sanctum of my mind and share my thoughts with you once again. As usual, I’ve been taking photographs and actually spoke to some of the people I was photographing yesterday. I went to a book launch and bought myself a Christmas present, signed by the authors.

authors of a great book for Christmas


Images and perceptions #ramble

These pictures are of Brunswick Park in Wednesbury where I’ll be taking photographs this afternoon. It looks like a beautiful Victorian park and it is a beautiful Victorian park, but I haven’t shown the modern additions to the park. There are images and perceptions and this is an image that has been deliberately manipulated to mislead.



Waiting for spring? #ramble

It’s Sunday morning and so this must be another ramble through the little-used pathways of my mind. What’s on my mind this morning? The weather for one! I took a few photographs of a rugby match yesterday. It was cold! (more…)

Making good decisions #life


We all have to make decisions all the time, but how can we make good decisions. How can be decide who to vote for in elections? How can we make important decisions that affect us, our families and our community? (more…)

Economical with the truth



In the UK we have a general election in May, so the political parties are beginning to lay out their policies. All the political parties appear to be being very economical with the truth. They seem unable to understand the world economy and their economic models on super-computers aren’t any help. (more…)

Come the revolution

artistic picture of Loxdale Sidings

I am old enough to remember Thatcherism and there was a quiet revolution against it. Well, it wasn’t always quiet, there were riots against the poll tax and the miners put up a fight. There was also a quiet revolution. (more…)

Another midweek moan…

1 Vauxhall

I cleaned my car on Sunday. I know it’s not the latest one, it’s not even environmentally friendly. What’s the point of driving an environmentally friendly car and doing even more miles? I think they’re dangerous too. Someone drove into a tree near me the other day. He was declared dead at the scene. What now? An environmentally friendly, cardboard coffin? I need a nice solid car… (more…)

Psychology | Visions of reality

If you ask 100 people what colour the grass is , they will probably all say green. There can be variations depending on what language they speak and their culture. We all live in the same world, but our view of it, our reality; can be different. Institutions affect our view of reality and shape our view of the world.


Ding dong it’s Saturday


I get more local readers at weekends because my blog posts are featured on ‘the yamyam’.  There appears to be more and more local bloggers now and they are writing good posts. Anyway, in case any local reader is wondering, today’s picture is of King’s Hill Park, just outside Darlaston.


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