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Prepare for another economic crash? #thrifty

It’s good to be thrifty and prepare for the worst. Remember the ‘credit crunch’ when food prices soared and petrol prices nearly hit 1.50 a litre? According to an economist at RBS (yes, the bank that messed up that we had to bail out)  another stock market crash is coming in 2016. (more…)

Ideas and thoughts #Sunday #ramble

good ideas?

A Featured post by Mike Maynard (editor).

I like this photo, it looks like they are suspended in mid-air. I took a few photos last weekend at Tipton Carnival and was hoping to photograph Willenhall Carnival yesterday, but the rain came… (more…)

Is utilitarianism the answer?

I took this photo of West Bromwich library last Sunday. It’s quite an ornate building. A lot of work went into it. Do you think it was worth it? Did they make it to last? David Cameron said that as a country Britain needs to “Do more with less.” Perhaps we could make more things to last; invest for the future and waste less.  Do we need things fancy though or more utilitarian? (more…)

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