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Looking at products, good and bad #thrifty #frugal

There are a lot of products at Aldi that I would recommend and some I wouldn’t. The cycling special buys this week includes the clothing and importantly the cycle lighting but the one product I don’t like is the 2 in 1 bike trailer and stroller.  Please don’t put your child in one of those especially not around where I live in the Black Country. It would be far too dangerous. That might be a good product for use on the streets of Amsterdam but not Wolverhampton!

looking for products with value


Boost your Small Business with Marketing Research – Superhero Style!

A guest blog by Fairy Dharawat

In today’s world of competitive market, if you are thinking of opening your very own business, you should be congratulated. Congratulations then, for finally getting up the courage to open your own venture. With today’s world of cut throat competition, even big corporate houses are feeling the heat in order to stay up to date in the market. Let me not even start with shoppers who are ‘dumped’ with so many products that they are clueless sometimes to their needs. There was a time when there was something called a ‘shopping experience’ but today it has only remains as a term due to the competition, brands are facing. So how do you hold your brand new business in a safe position? What should you do, to not fall in the category of ‘failed businesses’? What should you do to give these big businesses a run for their money? Well I present you with Market Research. (more…)

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