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Psychology: Psychopaths with influence

We like to think that we have freedom of thought, but we’re all influenced by the things we see and hear. Some years ago there was a popular movie about someone with multiple personalities. Diagnosis of multiple personality by psychiatrists in the US increased dramatically in the following year. Did the movie make them more aware of the condition or did they begin to see signs of multiple personality in all their patients? (more…)

Psychology | hormones

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I was reminded of a joke about British bank holidays some time ago. Why are they called bank holidays? Because the banks are closed. Why are the banks closed? Because it’s a holiday! Two things can be inter-dependant and this appears to be the case with our emotions and our hormones. We become stressed and we produce cortisol, but it also appears cortisol makes us feel stressed. It could be that when we become stressed we produce cortisol; that makes us feel even worse and we are then forced to take action. The action can be ‘fight or flight’, to face up to what is making us feel stressed or to run away. (more…)

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