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Photographing buildings #photography

1 Queens Head

If you’re just starting to take up photography, then try photographing interesting buildings. You can think more about taking the photo and less about the settings. I took this photo of the Queen’s Head in Wednesbury on a sunny day, so it’s a nice bright photo. (more…)

Defending disruption #life

When I was younger, going to the pub was a normal part of life. Even driving there and having a few drinks in a smoky atmosphere was quite normal. Pubs have started to close down, it’s now illegal to smoke in pubs and the normality of drinking alcoholic drinks is under attack. (more…)

Capturing the light #photography

HORSE AND JOCKEY - capturing the light

This is the Horse and Jockey in Darlaston. I was asked to photograph it after it had been repainted. It was winter and dark days, so I had to wait for some light. The best time when the sun was on it would be in the morning. (more…)

Boxing Day: The Kids in Pictures

Kids in Brunswick Park

I think these kids were looking for conkers in Brunswick Park in August. I think that was a bit early for conkers. The park was a little bit quiet that day, but there were kids on the skateboard thing. (more…)

Photography: best pictures of 2014

Best Pictures

This pool is about a mile from my home and I often take photos there. They are always different, because we go through different seasons and experience different weather. This picture has to be my best one this year. (more…)

Photography: Gareth Gates Photo shoot

Wednesbury Christmas Lights 2014 (3)

If you  read my blog post at the weekend, you’ll know I did a photo shoot on Friday when the Christmas Lights were switched on by Gareth Gates. This first photo was fairly easy and I could take my time getting the camera setting right. I chose a fast setting of 1/30 of second and a high ISO (3200) and a wide aperture.


Mindful Gifts open their first shop


Yesterday I went to the official  opening of the first Mindful Gifts shop in Darlaston, that specialises in gifts for older people with dementia. Mindful Gifts is a community interest company that operates for the benefit of the community, rather than personal gain. (more…)

Familiarity breeds contempt


I took this photo in the town centre yesterday while waiting for a friend. I thought about how run down and ugly it is. I photographed the traffic warden or whatever they call them now, giving some poor sod a ticket. (more…)

Acoustic Alliance at the Vine Inn, Darlaston


I went to see Acoustic Alliance at the Vine Inn, Darlaston on Sunday night. Megan was accompanied by Chris Nicholls on the guitar and sang numbers from the sixties up to the present day. (more…)

Photography and writing

I think photography compliments the writing and editing that I do. It allows me to add images to my blog posts and share snapshots of life in the UK with people overseas. It’s six years since I bought my Fujifilm S5600 and it wasn’t long before I was in the finals of a photography contest. (more…)

Photography: The Frying Pan Kids

The Frying Pan kids

The weather has changed and it feels like summer is coming to an end, but we still have time for some sunny days yet. It was cold and wet on Sunday afternoon and so I missed the event that I intended to photograph and went to the Frying Pan in Darlaston where horse owners meet on a Sunday. (more…)

Darlaston Pubs (in the Black Country).

DSC_0272 (Copy)

King’s Hill is on the Wednesbury side of Darlaston. This is the Forge Tavern in Franchise street. It used to be a very popular pub, but I haven’t been in for years. (more…)

Black Country Day

The Black Country Flag

It’s Black Country Day today. When I first heard it was going to be on a Monday, when many people are at work or school. I thought it was a bit saft, but we had lots on over the weekend so it’s working out alright. Aye it? (more…)

Black Country Festival 2014

Carnival crowds

You might have noticed I’ve been promoting the Black Country Festival just lately. If you haven’t, then I’m doing something wrong. Today’s picture is of Wednesbury Carnival last year. This is the second year for a Black Country Day and the first year for a festival and so it needs more people to support it. (more…)

Photography: Horse owners of Tipton

DSC_1103 (Copy)

The Frying Pan

This Sunday I was asked to take photos at the Frying Pan in Darlaston of a meeting of the horse owners of Tipton that was organised by Jason Foxall (pictured) in memory of his uncle, Colin “Kingy” Salter; a local character from Darlaston who passed away a couple of years ago.   (more…)

Life: Keeping busy

1 Horse owners at the Frying Pan

I’m not too keen on mornings and Monday mornings can be even worse, but today we have sunshine and I’m quite pleased with how the weekend turned out. This is one of the photos that I took yesterday afternoon, I think they will like it. (more…)

Lazy days of a Black Country summer

Narrowboat trader at Waterside Place, Walsall

If you read yesterday’s post you’ll know I was at Waterside Place in Walsall on Sunday taking photos of the narrow-boats. Those traders will be at the floating market in Birmingham on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. (more…)

Want to write for a Zillion Ideas?

Brunswick Park, Wednesbury June 2014

I enjoy writing most of the time, but it is a solitary pursuit and I need to get out in the sunshine sometimes. My other interest is photography, so that works out well. Recently I’ve been trying to do a little more in the community I live in. (more…)

Photography: bad light at events

Horse and children at the Frying Pan in Darlaston

We took some photos at the weekend, but the skies were grey and the light really poor. I took at look at this gathering at the Frying Pan pub in Darlaston and using the flash near horses wasn’t an option. This was probably my best picture, because it was fairly close up and I had cooperative models! (more…)

Photography: The Horse and Jockey

horse & Jockey edit

Today I’ve started with a artistic edit of the Horse and Jockey in Darlaston. Dave Mitchell and his partner Sharon Sadler took over this pub last week. Dave left the army last December after serving for 23 years in the first Gulf War, Bosnia, Kosovo, Iraq and Afghanistan. Now he’s going to run a Black Country pub. (more…)

Monetize your blog?


Today I’ve started with a photo linked to the Rotary Club website who organise the carnival, it’s essentially an advert for my local carnival. I want to publicise local events and businesses. I’m doing free adverts, but local adverts could easily be used to monetize your blog. (more…)

Photography: Local promotions

DSC_0029 (Copy)

I have decided to promote a few things locally using my writing and photography.  On Sunday, it was the Great Midlands Fun Run and Gale Nicholls (on the left) ran for Donna’s Dream House sponsored by the regulars in the Vine Inn, Darlaston. So I went to take a few pictures in the pub! (more…)

Photography: Black Country Pubs

I’ve been photographing buildings rather than landscapes just lately. It was nice and sunny when I took this picture and the gathering of horse drawn carriage enthusiasts made the shoot even more interesting. (more…)

The Black Country

Black Country postcard

The Black Country is known for industry. It was once said to be black by day and red by night. As you can see from my pictures today, it’s much cleaner than it used to be and we have the Black Country forest, which is an urban forest, parks and local nature reserves. You still have to look for the beauty though.


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