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Envy and other emotions #ramble

It’s Sunday morning and so I invite you into the dustier corners of my mind as I share my thoughts once again. I have a few aches and pains this morning because the pills I was relying on didn’t arrive. I did manage to take a few photos yesterday, despite everything.

Envy ?


Society today

“Wealthy elderly people who do not need benefit payments to help with fuel bills or free travel should voluntarily return the money to the authorities, the work and pensions secretary says.” (BBC News) I don’t know. Buckingham Palace is a big place to keep warm, they need their winter fuel payments. They hardly use their bus passes anyway…


A Black Country Sunday ramble


The weather is still very changeable in England. I need sunshine! It was a long winter and then we had snow in Spring. I want to take some photos of this beautiful landscape that we have in the Black Country.


Easter Sunday sunshine

Page One

It’s Easter Sunday, the sun’s shining and I’m thinking about photography. I haven’t had a good Sunday afternoon taking pictures for some time. If you’re wondering about today’s picture, those are places around where I live.


Blogging ideas

MOON 3 009

I’ve used another moon picture to start today’s blog. On a Sunday, I either use a guest blog or I just ramble on about whatever is on my mind. Today I wrote my 600th blog on WordPress and I think that’s an achievement. It took over 2 years.


The League of Gentleman


I have standards of behaviour on my mind this morning. I was described as a gentleman recently, a standard of behaviour that seems to have gone out of fashion. It seems the definition of what a gentleman is and for that matter what a lady is, seems to have become confused.


Halloween help wanted

Sanna dark

I’ve started with a really spooky picture of Moorcroft Wood today because it’s Halloween. I’ve been building this website up since February and it’s been a struggle. It’s not just about writing, I also have to do publicity. I need help today with publicity.


Keep it simple or maybe not

The Milky Pool in May

On a Sunday I just write whatever comes into my head for my WordPress blog and then try to write something more considered for a zillion ideas. My ramblings on WordPress seem very popular though and so why do lots of research when I don’t need too? The simple answers are often the best in life. We can sometimes look for answers that are too complicated.


No they are not TalkTalk.

I had an email the other day, with the above TalkTalk logo at the top and asking me to log in and update my credit/debit card password. It was an obvious scam, but because I use TalkTalk, it got my attention. When you look at the webpage, you are actually downloading it and the picture; but that picture isn’t on my server. I’ve linked to the same server as the scammers did. It’s that easy to do a scam email. I have also had the usual scam emails trying to get my bank details this week.


The week’s round up

Bentley Mill

Sunshine in England at last! It has been a interesting week with mixed news, good and bad and the weather has been the same, here in England. At least some of the economic news has been a little better. I wrote a few interesting blogs and only missed one day. Yes, there was no blog on Wednesday!


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