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Referendum: real issues

The two camps as designated by the Electoral Commission have debated the issues of EU membership and tomorrow the people decide. The two camps being Stupid and Even More Stupid, of course. How should we vote in the EU referendum? What are the real issues?



Volatile market #investments

To say the London stock market is a volatile market would be an understatement. Next week’s referendum has not only caused uncertainty it has caused panic. What can small investors do? (more…)

It says in the paper…


What do you think of today’s picture? It’s Hydes Pool on the other side of town from where I live. Some people call it a lake, some people call it a pool and some people call it a duck pond. Does it matter what we call it? (more…)

Officious irritants

Walsall Art Gallery inside - officious irritants post

When I took this photo my camera was on the wrong setting and the flash went off by accident. I was rightly advised not to use a flash in an art gallery because it fades the pictures. I wasn’t actually given a reason but it’s alright I knew the reason. Sometimes, though, there is no reason, they are just officious irritants.  (more…)

Uncertainty #investments


It seems likely that Britain will stay in the European Union but the uncertainty is depressing the stock market. We could see a surge of confidence once the referendum is over with. The big loser if Britain does leave the EU would be the City of London because they make huge amounts of money from Europe.


Unusual investments

It was another week of uncertainty for investors as we wait for that dreaded referendum and its unpredictable consequences. So may investors are looking for unusual investments  that offer some predictability. (more…)

Smart people know nothing

Billy Spakemon - smart people

Today’s picture is of Brian Dakin otherwise known as Billy Spakemon. This is his image that he created of  a workin’ class mon.  The image belies the fact that he holds a doctorate in history. He also does a very entertaining performance as Billy Spakemon. Smart people don’t always give the appearance of being smart!  (more…)

Symbols of status #ramble

It’s Sunday morning and so this must be my Sunday ramble when I let you into a more mysterious area of my mind and ramble on. What am I thinking about this week? The daffodil should give you a clue… (more…)

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