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Stupid will never go out of fashion

I must admit I find stupidity really hard to deal with. People doing stupid things who have stupid ideas are everywhere. They say that God must love stupid people, why else would he have made so many? The stupid stuff in life is so frustrating, though. That’s why I do landscape photography to help me chill out and get rid of all the frustration.

relieving stupid frustration


Pragmatism in the development of ideas.


Pragmatism: A reasonable and logical way of doing things or of thinking about problems that is based on dealing with specific situations instead of on ideas and theories.

I tend to favour a pragmatic approach to life. I see a lot of idealism in politics with little thought to actually testing new ideas to see if they work. Then when an idea ends in utter failure, which the policy of forced austerity has, we move on to some new idea, based on another spurious theory. (more…)

Psychology | Visions of reality

If you ask 100 people what colour the grass is , they will probably all say green. There can be variations depending on what language they speak and their culture. We all live in the same world, but our view of it, our reality; can be different. Institutions affect our view of reality and shape our view of the world.


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