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Review and take stock #life #money

I frequently stop, review what I’m doing and take stock. We need to do this, every business needs to review its strategy and do a stock take on a regular basis. Individuals need to take stock of their lives too. There are many aspects to all our lives and money does determine how much freedom we have to live life as we would like. Our health or lack of it and disabilities can restrict our life chances too.

Review in editing


An English weekend


The weekend is here and we have sunshine in England! After last year’s rain that washed out many events like the carnivals we are hoping for a better summer. It begins today with a half marathon between the cities of Wolverhampton and Birmingham. It will be an unusual run along the tow path of the canal.


Normal April showers?

Woden Road South (2)

I took this photo a year ago. I look at the sky a lot now in an attempt to predict the weather. The sky looked a paler blue last year, today it’s been a deep blue with white clouds and April showers. We had a very wet summer last year, are we back to normal now?


Saturday ideas and thoughts

CARD 1 010

I don’t usually do sky pictures, they’re boring, but this one is unusual and I’m a bit desperate today. If you look carefully you can see the moon breaking through the clouds. We had another week of financial bad news. Both banks that are partly owned by the tax payer posted losses. Not real losses that would send them into administration like so many High Street businesses; these are just millions and billions lost ‘on paper’.


This weeks blogging review


The snow has kept on coming this week and at the time of writing, I’m expecting more. We do expect the weather to improve over the weekend though. I noticed a patch on my roof where the snow is melting, it’s over the hatch to the loft which isn’t insulated. Heat’s escaping! Have you looked at your roof?


Snow business review


I have to write this article in advance and schedule it, because we have snow! I don’t think I’ll be going out in it just yet, it’s still snowing; but maybe I’ll get more photographs when it finally stops. This picture was taken in the early hours with a slow shutter setting. (more…)

The Saturday review

There is snow forecast for much of Britain and so I’ve used a summer picture to start today’s post! We have to look forward to spring and better weather. Many people are preparing their gardens now for spring. (more…)

10 days to Christmas

Church misty

I went out to pay my window cleaner and took this misty photograph, winter is certainly here now. My car was encased in ice. It will soon be Christmas and despite the recession many of us have a lot to be grateful for. There are many people worse off too, not being able to provide for their children this Christmas.


Summer time ends

River Tame Sandwell Valley

British summer time ends this weekend. We change the clocks one hour (back) and so the nights will be darker and the mornings will be lighter for a while at least. The colours of nature are changing and the trees and changing colour as the leaves begin to fall.


We dont always get what we deserve in life

wheelchair or sports car

Maybe the kid in the wheelchair in this picture is happy and the guys in the sports cars are unhappy; but I doubt it. We don’t always get what we deserve in life. We can be born disabled, sick or we can just be born into a dysfunctional family. It is so much better to be born into privilege, education and money. Life sucks for so many people and the ones in the sports cars tend to have a ‘I’m alright Jack attitude’.


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