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Fixing Britains economy #investments

There are lots of ideas bandied about fixing Britains economy but little changes and nothing improves. The government has enormous debts and personal debt is out of control. People mortgage themselves up to the hilt and the add more debt through loans and credit cards. The government is irresponsible and encourages the people to be irresponsible too. The Bank of England doesn’t help with ridiculously low, interest rates. Lack of regulation means we get banks leveraging in order to invest in dodgy companies such as Lehman Brothers and to add to the misery and uncertainty a decision is made to leave the EU by people ill-equipped to make that decision. Us!

fixing Britains economy


The English summer of 2013


We had a cold spring this year, which added to our heating bills, but summer is more like summer now. In the heart of England, this now seems quite unusual. While I’m enjoying the better weather, I am worried about the water pressure. I think they’ve probably reduced it so people will use less water. My shower won’t work! There’s always a catch… We also have a Tory government… (more…)

Keep calm we’re British

Workhouse antique 2

I’ve watched a couple of TV programme this week about life in 18th and 19th century Britain. They didn’t paint a pretty picture. Life for many people was one of exploitation and hardship. Life for others was much nicer, stately homes, cream teas and lots of money. Have things changed? Yes, but we’re still divided.


The Sunday lunch ramble, rich and poor

Blackpool panoramic type

Today’s photo was taken by Simon James and I’ve cropped it and added the text to it. It looks like a postcard! This is my usual ramble on a Sunday, when I have little to write about and so ramble on about whatever is on my mind. At the moment that’s lunch! (more…)

Keep it simple or maybe not

The Milky Pool in May

On a Sunday I just write whatever comes into my head for my WordPress blog and then try to write something more considered for a zillion ideas. My ramblings on WordPress seem very popular though and so why do lots of research when I don’t need too? The simple answers are often the best in life. We can sometimes look for answers that are too complicated.


You are lucky to be on average pay

Oldbury UK

I have a question for you today! I want you to imagine a small town, even a village in England. It is run by 10 executives in their offices, who are paid an average of 115,000 pounds a year. The real work is done by the other 90 workers whose average pay is just 15,000 a year. What is the average pay across all 100 workers, who work for this hypothetical council?


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