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A big pay squeeze coming? #finance

There have been lots of warnings this week of a pay squeeze coming that will affect the poorest in society most and maybe more benefit cuts too. The chancellor even hinted that the triple lock on pensions could be abolished.

pay squeeze


Interest rates in post-truth Britain #finance

The latest buzz word to join those most-hated headline grabbing words that editors love is post-truth. We are now in an era of appeals to our emotions as the evidence is swept away by a tide of nationalism. We have had two world wars driven by nationalism. Do we really want another?

interest rates about to rise?


On the grapevine #life

Wednesbury landscape 2

The latest news concerns interest rates and a small rise is expected to be announced by the Federal reserve on the other side of the pond. I don’t think that will affect us very much in the UK but could indicate a UK rise next year. The other phenomenon in the news is something called Christmas. (more…)

Will we see more takeovers? #finance

It was another dire week on the stock market and the FTSE 100 moved closer to 6000. The drop from the high of over 7000 a few months ago is substantial. Will we see more takeover bids? We have already seen a bid for RSA insurance that fell through, Thorntons was taken over by Ferrero, Cable and Wireless look like being taken over and TSB went too. (more…)

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