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Christmas Eve thoughts #ramble

Christmas Eve

It’s Christmas Eve and people are bustling about buying enough food to last through winter! Our thoughts often go back to happier days when we were excited by the magic of Christmas. Christmas really is for children and we should make more of an effort to make it exciting for them. There are lessons to be learnt at Christmas too. Such as living within your means and not landing yourself with a huge credit card bill after Christmas.

Santa on Christmas Eve


Focus points and metering #photography

The focus points on a camera are used to focus on your subject but they are also used for metering. My Nikon D3200 has 11 focus points and they are useful but I often only use one. Some cameras have a lot more focus points and they  cover the whole frame.

focus points


Christmas thoughts #life

It’s Christmas Eve tomorrow and I still haven’t finished my Christmas shopping. Things aren’t going to plan, partly because my heating stopped working. I’m waiting in today for someone to fix it. (more…)

Images of Christmas #life

Merry Christmas santa

It doesn’t matter who is playing Santa, we all recognise the familiar red suit and white beard. It’s an image that children soon learn is associated with Christmas. Children have an inborn ability to recognise images and the faces of their parents. This is important for their safety and security. (more…)

Wednesbury Celebrates Christmas lunch


I photographed a Christmas lunch yesterday that was laid on by our local community organisation ‘Wednesbury Celebrates’ for older people. A press photographer took some pictures too, but my purpose was quite different. I wanted pictures that promoted the charity and the event. (more…)

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