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Saving and interest rates #thrifty

It seems likely that interest rates will rise in the near future but although that will probably mean higher mortgage rates it doesn’t always follow that savers will get a higher interest rate. Interest rates are at a historic low now but interest rates on credit and store cards are still high. Most people find it hard saving for a home and so a mortgage makes sense but for other things like a car, it is better to save to buy things that will depreciate in value. Lenders rely on our reluctance to wait for new things and so in developed countries a large part of people’s incomes goes in paying interest on loans of some kind.

Saving money


How to double your standard of living #thrifty

Thrifty Thursday Aldi save money

If you’re on a low income it is actually easier to double your standard of living than if you’re on a higher income. First you need to do a little bookkeeping and identify your sources of income and what you spend it on. (more…)

Finance Friday: Compound interest

Many people don’t understand compound interest and some people don’t even understand percentages. Compound interest isn’t too difficult, it simply means you get interest on the interest in the second year and subsequent years. (more…)

Preparing for financial disaster

We all have expectations, but things don’t always go to plan. We can lose our jobs, have investments fail, have disasters on holiday or have a unexpected expense that leads to spiralling debt. Can we and should we prepare for the worst? Have you put some money away for a rainy day or is it raining already?


Money | How to double your standard of living

Our standard of living is usually determined by how much stuff we can buy. Many of the things are essentials like water, food, a place to live and clothing. I suppose many people would regard other things like telecommunication and transport as essential too. It’s the things that we buy with the money left over after we’re bought the essentials, that we seem to enjoy the most.


Finance | Saving for the future

Money - Seeing the future

I read earlier that the average household in the UK saves around 10% of their income and this compared to Germany where they manage to save twice as much. In China they save an amazing 47% of their income but have no welfare state like us. How can you save when money is constantly devalued by the government? (more…)

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